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8 fun activities to help you join in the Black Outdoor Movement

Have you heard of the Black Outdoor Movement? Or have you heard it somewhere before or even on the internet that “black people don't rock climb”, “black people don't backpack”, “black people don't camp”, “black people are just not adventurous”, etc. If you don't actually know any African-American people who do these things,  you probably think these are true statements. WRONG THINKING! There are many BIPOC in the US who love these outdoor adventures even though percentage-wise, we are still the minority. There is a whole black outdoor movement, join in. In the meantime, learn about some of outdoor activities that are available.

Here are a few activities black outdoor movement adventure seekers enjoy...

Black Outdoor movement

Black People Rock Climbing

Yes, you've probably heard of the poor statistics of the 1.5 percent African American climbers in the U.S as discovered by a research group at Clemson University. But... look at Mikhail Martin, co-founder of Brothers of Climbing, who is a strong member of the rock climbing community. Many other BIPOC have proven that rock climbing is not a color-specific sport and are adventurous enough to enjoy it.

Black People Whitewater rafting

For adventure, black people have been known to go whitewater rafting despite the fact that the thrill-seeking recreational activity is usually referred to as a “whites-only” activity, even by black people themselves. Rue Mapp’s online community of black nature lovers called  Outdoor Afro is an example of black people and other people of color who enjoy going on several whitewater rafting trips.

Black People Skydiving

“Black people are not thrill seekers, they can't handle venturing to the dead zone and taking that leap required of skydivers.” You have probably heard this kind of talk before but despite the fact that many people believe these false rumors, black people have been known to go skydiving numerous times. Take a look at Team Blackstar, an entire team full of people of color who enjoy skydiving.

Black People Hot Air Balloon

Just like any other adrenaline-pumping recreational activity, black people also go on hot air balloons and enjoy the ride as it is a great way for people to clear their heads. In fact, checkout, America's first black hot air balloon master pilot.

black people camp in rv

Black People RV camping

Many black people go on adventurous RV camping trips every year. Packing up their things into RVs with modern amenities, african0-american people who love the outdoors and nature go on RV trips with their loved ones.   They seek out new and familiar campgrounds, state parks, or they venture into the woods. Although many black RV enthusiasts have often complained of being the only black person on RV trips, the National African-American RV'ers Association organize group RV excursions.

Black People Backpacking across Europe

Black people have also been known to go on long or short backpacking trips to different countries in Europe with nothing but lightweight gear.  Imagine this,the are excited to take routes like London to Amsterdam, Rome to London, London to Istanbul, etc.

black people do camp

Black Folk Camping

Yes, Black people camp too.

We at Melanated Campout are big examples of black people camp enthusiasts  who love nature, camping, and partying under the stars. We find that big camping events like the Melanated Campout are a great way to introduce novice campers to the camping experience.  Additionally, this amazing campout is a great way for black people to connect with nature and unplug from the stress of our normal lives and join in the black outdoor movement. There's no better place to be than the largest Melanated Campout east of the Mississippi! Join us in June at the campgrounds near Helen GA  to have some fun tubing, partying, meeting other black people.

If you're one of those people who believed that black people do not love the outdoors or are not adventurous, you can lose that notion now.  Better yet, purchase your camping package for the Melanated Campout. This is a must do camping event for your annual list. It is time you begin to explore those things that “people” have said black folk don’t do!

Haven’t heard of Melanated Campout yet? Well, check it out, it’s an African American camping event full of adventure, relaxation, and activities. In fact, it’s the largest Campout East of the Mississippi!

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