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Different types of sleeping options while camping

Here are some sleeping options you can enjoy or explore while camping

  • Sleeping pads

Your sleeping pad, whether self-inflating, closed-cell or air foam depends on the type of camping you're engaging in.

The air sleeping pad is light-weight and probably the best option for a backpacking camper but it is usually less insulated and as such not a good idea for outdoors during cold climates. Self-inflating sleeping pads are much more comfortable than air-only pads because they were built to provide more insulation and comfort. Unfortunately, they are much more bulkier than their air-only counterparts.

Closed-cell foams pads are the best options for backpacking in colder climates because they are lightweight and easy to carry yet they have the insulative properties that air-only pads lack.

  • Hammocks

Camping hammocks are made of parachute-style materials which are lightweight yet capable of holding your body above the ground without tearing and they can also be easily set up once you find a pair of closely aligned trees and some nylon cords.

The fact that you can't set up a hammock inside a tent is just one among many disadvantages of sleeping in a hammock while camping even though there are solutions in the form of hammock accessories like the hammock integrated shelter for rainy days solves this disadvantage. However, while sleeping on a hammock, it would be hard for you to move around and getting out would be somewhat difficult because your body forms a deep valley in hammock with your weight bringing you closer to the ground.

  • Sleeping bags

Most campers use sleeping bags. They are usually bought based on considerations of the shape, insulation and the temperature of the sleeping bags.

Based on the shape of sleeping bags, there are two major options, mummy bags and rectangular sleeping bags. Mummy bags are usually used during the winter because they are designed to maximize body heat. The mummy shape means that this sleeping bag is much more insulated, light-weight and easily packed which is great for backpackers.

Rectangular sleeping bags are advantageous to fidgety sleepers as they allow room for movement unlike mummy bags which have less space. Unfortunately, rectangular sleeping bags have less insulated properties than mummy bags and are much more bulky and harder to pack.

  • Air Mattress

Air mattresses provides protection for campers from the rough surface, bumps and lumps of the ground. Usually, air mattresses are usually a little larger in size if compared to sleeping pads and they provide a much more comfortable cushioning effect especially when compared to sleeping pads or bags.

  • A bed

In search of adventure black people go camping thinking that they would have to abandon their comfort but this is not true because they can enjoy comfort and sleep in actual bed if they want. At Melanated Campout, we offer the Glamping package which gives you access to actual beds. Therefore, it is actually possible for them to enjoy a good night rest in an actual bed.

You've nailed down how you are going to sleep during camping, now figure out what there is to do while camping.

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Different types of sleeping…

Here are some sleeping options you can enjoy or explore while camping…
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