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5 Myths of camping

5 myths of camping

Myths and legends are pretty common things and are usually created from misinformation and the influence of the media. Since almost everything in the world has a myth or legend, why shouldn't camping? Believe it or not, camping definitely has lots of myths, some are pretty silly like the one about how bananas attract mosquitoes or poison ivy is contagious.

Here are five myths of camping we hope to squash:


Oh, bet you are thinking about those camping experiences in those epic movies you see all the time. The main characters are traveling through the land in search of a magical stone that will cure their village of sick people. Of course, they have to stop along the way when it gets dark and eventually after hunting down dinner and roasting it, they sleep on the bare grass.

Well, I'm glad to inform you that times have changed. People today do not sleep on the ground even if they are exploring the most primitive forms of camping, after all, there are many sleeping options. There are sleeping bags, sleeping pads, hammocks, air mattresses and even normal beds.  You choose your comfort level and select your preferred sleeping option.

At the Melanated Campout, you can even choose the “Glamp Me Down”package which allows you to have access to a comfortable queen bed and even air conditioning.  Essentially, you can have an upscale approach to sleeping under the stars.


This is certainly not the case at big camping events like Melanated Campout.  The weekend is designed to give you the option to participate in a variety of activities.  Here are the differences in activities between camping on your own versus attending the Melanated Campout.

  1. you have the opportunity to meet and network other fun natured people,
  2. enjoy game shows,
  3. participate in or watch a spades tournament,
  4. workout while connecting with nature,
  5. go tubing,
  6. attend  mystery event, and
  7. attend different memorable parties (soca fete, hip hop glow, and old school hip hop/ R&B parties).


Ok….I know there is this notion of every hole in the woods being a toilet for campers, but this does not have to be your truth. Many campgrounds have restrooms, with nice toilets and showers.  The Melanated Campout will have facilities and auxiliary units with nice restrooms and showers.


Some people believe that they have  go hunting, skin the animal and then cook it.   While there is something special about cooking your food on the grill or over a fire pit (i.e. bring your food in coolers and refresh your ice at a nearby store), you can opt for a meal plan at the Melanated Campout. We thought of everything, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy a great meal.


Believe it or not, some people think that camping is uncomfortable, uninteresting and can never compare to city life, but, that is not true.  Camping can be so much fun. You have a chance to reconnect with mother nature while hanging out with Melanated people. Did someone say smores? Did I read something about tubing? What about parties with energized Djs?  Oh, I think we already covered that earlier.

Camping also has so many health benefits:  the fresh air provides extra oxygen that boosts your immune systems and improves your blood pressure. It's also a great time to bond with your friends, family members and romantic partners.

Don’t miss the chance to have a truly unique and unforgettable experience!  See you at the Melanated Campout!

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