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Feb 23- 25, 2024

Atlanta Motor Speedway

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3 Benefits to camping

Get Back to Nature
Ready for a breath of fresh air? Camping is all about fun under the stars, morning birdsong, and stunning sunrises. It's your ticket to the great outdoors - a chance to chill and soak up nature’s vibes.
Good for Your Mind and Body
Switch off your screens and say hello to outdoor bliss! Whether you’re hiking, swimming, or just lounging, camping is your wellness retreat. It’s all about feeling great, inside and out.
Hang with Your Favorite People
Imagine hanging out with friends or family, without a single ‘ping’ from your phone. Camping means real talks around the campfire and creating those ‘remember when’ moments.

Event Summary at a glance

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Feb 23- 25, 2024
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Everyone is welcome, family friendly
Types of Camping
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Community Like No Other Melanated Campout is where friendships bloom. We’re all about bringing together awesome people in an even more awesome setting. Think of it as your home away from home, but with way more stars!"
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A Weekend of Fun, Racing, and Outdoor Activities Get the best of both worlds – high-speed action on the track and relaxing outdoor activities at the campsite. Enjoy outdoor activities like exploring the fan zone, kid's activities, and BBQs, all while being a stone's throw away from the racing action.
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First-Time Camper Friendly: Your Gateway to Outdoor Adventure Never camped before? This is your perfect start! We make camping at the Atlanta Motor Speedway race weekend easy and fun for beginners. With helpful guides, friendly fellow campers, and a welcoming atmosphere, you'll discover the joys of camping while enjoying the thrill of the races. It's a seamless introduction to the great outdoors, with a twist of high-octane excitement!
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Safety? Check! Comfort? Double Check! At our Atlanta Motor Speedway race weekend, safety comes from our close-knit community. Our strength lies in being co-located. Everyone looks out for each other, creating a secure and friendly environment. It's about mutual respect and care, ensuring a safe experience for all as we enjoy the races and camping together
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Explore Racing and Camping in One Go New to NASCAR or camping? No worries! Our race weekend is an excellent opportunity for beginners to explore the exciting world of racing and the serene experience of camping. Learn, enjoy, and create memories in a supportive and fun environment.

What your weekend will look like

Get ready to rev up your weekend with infield camping at Atlanta Motor Speedway – where the rumble of engines meets the cozy comfort of campfires! Imagine waking up to the thrilling soundtrack of revving engines, the air buzzing with anticipation for the day's races. You'll spend your mornings sipping coffee (or maybe something a bit stronger) with fellow race enthusiasts, swapping stories under the Georgia sun. As the day heats up, so does the action on the track, with heart-pumping races that keep you on the edge of your camping chair. Evenings bring a different vibe - laughter and music fill the air as the smell of grilled delights drifts through the infield. It's a unique blend of high-octane excitement and laid-back camaraderie, where every moment feels like you're in the pit crew of fun. So, pack your flags, grab your gear, and gear up for a weekend where the fast lane and the chill lane collide in the most spectacular way!


RV’s & Tent’s Welcome

Dry Camping Experience:
Get ready for an authentic camping adventure! Our infield spots are perfect for RVs, offering a dry camping setup without direct hookups. It's all about enjoying the race in a true camping style!

RV Service Convenience:
Don't sweat the small stuff – we provide on-site water and waste services for your RV. A water tank and dump station tank are available to make your stay comfortable and hassle-free.

Amenities and Access:
Enjoy essential facilities like portable restrooms and garbage disposal areas, all while soaking in the electric atmosphere of the Speedway.Camping Type: Dry
Accommodates: RV, 5th Wheel, Travel Trailer
Size: 20' x 40' (approx.)
Surface: Grass
Atmosphere: Party
Quiet Hours: 12 - 7 a.m.
Amenities: Showers, Restrooms, Security, Concierge, Shuttle/Tram

Who is Campout great for

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Delicious Eats at Atlanta Motor Speedway

Get ready to fuel up for the races with a variety of mouth-watering food options at Atlanta Motor Speedway! From classic trackside snacks like hot dogs and nachos to more gourmet fare, there's something to satisfy every craving. Stroll through the Speedway and discover an array of food vendors serving up everything from juicy burgers to fresh, healthy salads. Don't miss out on the local specialties, ensuring you've got all the energy you need to cheer on your favorite drivers. Whether you're looking for a quick bite or a full meal, our food options are sure to keep your taste buds racing!

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  • - Dry Camping space (Bring your own electricity & water)
  • - 1 Activity Wristbands
  • - 1 Parking Pass
  • - Tent Not Provided
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  • Dry Camping space (Bring your own electricity & water) 
  • 2 Activity Wristbands
  • 1 Parking Pass
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