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Engaged and Expanding Audience: Join us in connecting with over 700 passionate outdoor enthusiasts, predominantly from the African American community, representing a diverse range of professionals and adventure-seekers, with a 40% increase in attendance year-over-year.
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Alignment with Cultural and Community Values: Align your brand with a movement that celebrates diversity in the outdoors. Our event is not just a campout - it's a cultural phenomenon, promoting inclusivity and nature connection, resonating deeply with a community passionate about heritage and outdoor experiences.
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Enhanced Brand Visibility: Leverage our multi-channel marketing strategy, including exposure to our 15.6K Facebook followers and 25K+ seasonal website views, complemented by strong presence on Instagram, and targeted email campaigns reaching a 8.7K-strong mailing list.
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Robust Engagement Opportunities: Benefit from an array of engagement opportunities - from product placements and live demonstrations to sponsoring unique activities like water gun battles or yoga sessions, ensuring memorable interactions with a highly receptive and growing audience.
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Outdoors are for everyone

We believe the outdoors are for everyone and our mission is to encourage more people of color to fall in love with camping. To help with that mission, we offer a weekend filled with both fun and relaxing activities that allow people to enjoy the outdoors, grow via empowerment sessions and connect with one another. We have a very positive community feeling environment and we welcome everyone who supports our mission to attend.

We are serious about our mission of promoting the outdoors as an inclusive place and in the four years since inception we have hosted over 1350 campers.

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Melanated Campout: Bringing culture to the woods! Our mission is to help black people fall in love with nature. Join us for an unforgettable adventure – Book Now & reconnect with the great outdoors!
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