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Why camp?

Give your future self something to look forward to by understanding the benefits of camping...
  • Fresh air

Air full of smoke, or any of the other organic or artificial things that you can smell in the city can get quite stifling. Apart from that, the cultural  outdoor experience boosts immune systems, improves blood pressures and improves digestion due to the extra oxygen and low level of pollutants in the fresh air.

  • Improved moods

Many times, you feel a sense of relief and happiness a few days after your camping trip, this is probably because the sunlight has evened out the melatonin levels in your brain, thus reducing your normal day-to-day tiredness and improving your overall mood.

  • Bye to the city

Even if it's just for a number of days, camping allows you to unplug from the daily city life with fewer phone calls and urgent emails to attend to. Although Melanated Campout allows you to have access to electricity and wifi if you happen to need it, camping is your best opportunity to just unplug from your daily scheduled life.  We call it a digital detox!

  • Bonding time

Camping helps to build and strengthen many relationships, familial, platonic or romantic. It is the best time to talk, walk and do things together even late into the night. As such, it strengthens many relationships.

  • Make new friends and network

A camp of black professionals is a great way to meet to network and meet new friends. The Melanated Campout  events in June are a great place to meet and interact with other black people who have similar interests to you.  Do you have a business? Melanated Campout is a huge supporter of minority-owned businesses. Let’s network!

  • Food tastes better

Nothing can best s'mores made over open fire or the meat grilled over a campsite grill. Something about cooking over a campfire or grill that  makes the food much more delicious. (I don't know about you but that has been my experience so far.) For campers who prefer chillin’ instead of grillin’, Melanated Campout offers a delicious and convenient  meal plan option.

  • Learn new things

Guess what?!  Tents are really easy to set up.  Camping is a great way to learn to pitch a tent, start a campfire, cook over an open pit.  These skills are important to learn just in case there's an apocalypse, don't you think?

  • An Adventure

If you're looking for an adventure with other black people, big camping events like Melanated Campout is the best place to enjoy such an experience. You get to be part of the numerous activities at the Melanated Campout such as tubing down the Chattahoochee river, partying under the stars with open bars, conversations by the campfire, games and other fun activities.

  • Stress relief

Imagine a weekend with no long list of things to do, no particular appointment to be early for and no urgent meetings... you get to do whatever you want to do. In short, going camping is equal to you putting less strain on yourself, mentally, emotionally and physically.

It’s time to attend the largest Melanated Campout east of the Mississippi!

Now what to do while camping? Read more here.

Haven’t heard of Melanated Campout yet? Well, check it out, it’s an African American camping event full of adventure, relaxation, and activities. In fact, it’s the largest Campout East of the Mississippi!

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Why camp?

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