Black People Camp!

December 17, 2018

Black people camp

"Hey, what do you ladies think about going on a camping trip?"

Jocelyn raised her eyes from the magazine in front of her and looked at me as though I was an alien. "Camping?"

"Camping as in going out to the woods and serving myself up on a platter as meat for some wild animal to eat?" Shunte’asked.

"Well, no, we'd just be going all together with a couple of other people to the woods and..."  You see...I was trying to explain before being cut off.

"I ain't going," Jocelyn said abruptly dropping her eyes back to her magazine.

"Yeah, I ain't going either and besides, black people don't camp."  Shunte’ said.

Cutting this long story of how I tried to convince them of the advantages of going camping and thoroughly failing, my friends refused to go camping with me.

This reluctance to camp is why many people believe in the myth that black people don't camp but I'm here to tell you that black people camp.  Guess what? It's a lot of fun too which is why people of color should start camping more often. Why not enjoy the fresh air, back packing, tubing and conversions by the campfire?

It is time to get  rid of the mythical stereotype that camping is only for white people and not black people.

Fact: Black people camp

If you're one of those who believe that black people don't camp, you need to dispel your belief because black people definitely camp. Look at Rue Mapp and Outdoor Afro, a community of African-Americans who go on numerous camping trips, hikes and other activities to connect with nature.

It is true that there are few black people camping but that does not mean that black people do not camp or that they dislike the outdoors or that black people dislike outdoor activities.

In fact, some people attribute the reasons why few black people camp to history when racial discrimination was a big thing in America, where blacks were banned from specific outdoor places like national parks or beaches by custom or law. These were the periods when African Americans had to be careful not to go near national parks because they were not so safe due to the Park service's history of discrimination.

The Melanated Campout event in June is going to be a wonderful way for black people to connect with nature. With a lot of fun activities and adventure planed, black people will be able to go home with many memorable tales to tell their friends and families.  These stories will entail never ending fun and relief from stress that was had during the entire weekend.

This summer, you have the chance to meet new people and make new friends, network, participate in a Spades tournament, gather around fires to talk and tell stories, go tubing, attend parties (Hip hop glow party, the Soca fete Party, old school hip hop and R&B Outfit Party).  Meet us at the largest Melanated Campout east of the Mississippi!

Black people don't camp!

- said every black person until they try it
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