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What to cook while Camping

What to cook at camp

Black People Do Camp

Many people say meals cooked at camp taste better than regular meals but what they forget to talk about is the painstaking process that is involved in cooking at camp. Indeed, cooking at camp might seem like so much fun when things are going well and according to plans, but when they're not, it can be a complete disaster, this why most people resort to taking already cooked meals from home, snacks and tinned meals to eat at camp. Of course, people have romanticized the ideas of how tasty meals cooked at camp can be. For example, in epic movies, we see scenarios where wildlife is caught in seconds with bows and arrows and miraculously skinned and attached to a spit for roasting. This time consuming activities usually seem so easy when they actually aren’t.

Most campers pack food items that can be wrapped in aluminum foils and warmed on hot coals or grilled on a grate on open fire or simply tinned foods that can be eaten with little preparation. Although campers regularly resort to cooking soups, stews and pasta in camps on hot coals, the process can be very difficult since you have to regularly monitor the fire and hot coals which can die out or burn too hot.

Regardless, there are many people who have made an art of cooking at camps. I know a fellow African American camper who goes camping with her children and she makes magic (cooks really delicious meals) while camping.

There are also other meals that can be easily cooked while camping, some of them are:

  • Campfire recipe- Hot dogs

Many people always forget that hot dogs are very easy to cook over fires and many don’t know that it tastes much better charred from the outside. This is why hot dogs are a very delicious meal to be cooked on camping trips.

  • Campfire recipe- Bacon

Bacon is also another wonderful camping treat that gives true meaning to the idea that camp food tastes better than regular food. Pieces of bacon roasted on hot coals with a roasting stick are usually very tasty.

  • Campfire recipe- Fire-roasted fruit

Sounds silly doesn't it? Well, you can roast pieces of fruits like peaches, apple or pineapples and enjoy them as a camp treat after dinner because a little heat from the fire caramelizes the sugar on the outside of the fruit and makes for a very sweet yet healthy dessert.

  • Campfire recipe- Kebabs

Kebabs are chunks of meat and veggies roasted with the heat from an open campfire, they are yummy and easy. Give it a try!

  • Campfire recipe- Sandwiches

Sandwiches are a great go-to while camping. You can have everything from cold sandwiches to sandwiches with grilled cheese. And for extra yummy-ness, add grilled chicken.

  • Campfire recipe- Baked potatoes

Easy recipe with great results. All you need to do is clean the potatoes, then wrap them in tin foils before allowing them to cook on the hot coal. While cooking them, you have to make sure to keep watch over the potatoes so they don't end up burning. After the potatoes are baked, they can be eaten with baked potato fixings and sauce.

Of course, you can avoid the problems and troubles that go along with trying to cook at camp and just focus on having fun at this African American camping event in June while we provide you with your daily meals. All you have to do is purchase the meal plan while doing your registration for big camping events like Melanated Campout in June.

Haven’t heard of Melanated Campout yet? Well, check it out, it’s an African-American camping event full of adventure, relaxation, and activities. In fact, it’s the Largest Campout East of the Mississippi!

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