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Tubing? What’s that?

Yes, you probably saw it on the Melanated Campout schedule for the camping event in June that there would be tubing on Saturday and you're probably wondering just what the hell tubing is? Despair not, everything will be explained in this post. Tubing is an activity (usually recreational) where people ride an inner tube on water, snow or air. Since we'll be talking about the tubing you'll be doing at this camping event, you can forget about tubing in snow and in the air (kite tubing). Our camp is located in Helen, GA in June, so getting your bathing suits out and let’s hit the river!

Tubing in Helen, GA, is more than just a recreational activity, it is the perfect mix of adventure, activity, and relaxation; which is why tubing is a key part of the Melanated camping event in June. This is an activity adventurous black people can’t afford to miss out on.

How to tube?

Step 1. Get Tube.

Step 2. Float down the river.


Life jackets are available for those who want one.

Where to get the tubes?

On the Melanated Campout trip, the tubes will be furnished by the tubing company.  You are welcome to bring your own tube, but it’s not necessary.

Outside of this trip, you should probably call your tubing company to ask if they are provided before you go to ensure the actual tube is either included in the price or available to rent.

When to tube?

On the Melanated Campout trip, we will go on Saturday, assuming water levels are sufficient.

Outside of this trip, you should probably call your tubing company to ask if the water levels are too low. If they are low, you may not be allowed to tube.

Here’s a few tips on how to make your tubing trip a success.

Buy straps and sticks

After getting a tube, don't forget to buy and take along a stick and strap. The strap is important if you're riding down the river with your crew. This allows you to tie your tubes together. You'll need the stick to navigate over and around the boulders and in shallow water.

You will get wet

Be prepared to get wet so wear a swim suit. Don't forget to wear water shoes and don't try going barefooted because at some point, you may need to get out of the tube and you have no idea what's in the river.

No stopping along the way

Once you've started tubing down the river, you can't stop until you get back to the designated stopping area. Therefore, you should probably use the toilet before getting into your tube.

Guard your property

To avoid losing your property or getting your cell or electronics wet, buy a waterproof pouch. They come in all sizes, everything from cell phone size that hang around your neck to large bags.

Grab your plastic water bottle

Each tuber is allowed to take one 32 oz. plastic bottle on the river. No alcohol.

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