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Camping 101

Here are some common camping terms to remember:

  1. Tent pad: The tent pad is the level ground of sand, cement or gravel upon which you set up your tent.
  2. Shell: This term is used to describe outdoor clothing items and even the outer layer of a sleeping bag. As such, your camping shell material could be water-proof or durable depending on your needs.
  3. Potable water: Potable water refers to water that is safe to consume or drink. You have to be careful not to consume just any water in order to prevent having an unhealthy reaction to the water. Bring your own water purification system or lots of drinking water with you for your camping event.
  4. Mummy bag: This is the best sleeping bag to use to conserve heat. Mummy bags are designed to fit snugly around your body with a hood to keep your head warm and a taper at the foot to protect your toes from the cold. Mummy bags are also easier to pack than regular rectangular sleeping bags.
  5. Air mattress:  Camping pros and novice both have found sleeping on an air mattress a great way to elevate the sleep experience while camping.  This option comes any many sizes. Be sure to protect your investment by placing down tarp or other protective material to prevent puncturing your air mattress.
  6. Guylines: These are cables that can be tied to a tent and its stakes or to nearby rocks or trees in order to make the tent much more stable especially in windy campsites. Some tents come with Guylines built-in while you need to tie Guylines to the rainfly of some tents.
  7. Freestanding: This is a term used to describe tents that do not need Guylines or ground stakes for stability and can stand without additional support.
  8. Kindling: What is a Melanated Campout without camp fire? Kindling is one of the materials used for building a fire in a black people camp. Different pieces of wood in varying sizes are usually used to build a camp fire.  The kindling is the thin sticks or woods used, typically the second smallest material used while building a camp fire.
  9. Pole sleeves: Pitching a tent can be hard work but if you go camping a couple of times, you should get used to it. The pole sleeves are where the tent poles slide. Take note in case someone helping you to pitch your tent tells you to hold the pole sleeves open.
  10. S'mores: Never heard of them? They are my favorite camping dessert. Some of the most memorable moments of outdoor camping occur sitting around a fire toasting our marshmallow with chocolate sandwiched by graham crackers.  There's something so deliciously satisfying about eating this tasty treat while sharing stories and thought provoking conversations with each other deep into the night.

So now that you have mastered the basics, discover why you should go camping.

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