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Typically, most RVs have a bathroom, sleeping facilities and a kitchen, however, there are also luxurious RVs that have A/Cs, heaters, satellite receptors and so on. Although, most people live temporarily in RVs while traveling, some people living in areas where living expenses are quite expensive have been known to maintain a main residence in an RV and live there full-time.

Different types of RVs include:

  • Motor Homes: are usually larger than other RVs, much more expensive to buy and maintain and preferred by people traveling long-term. Motor homes are sometimes equipped with slide-out sections and as such they usually entail extra interior living spaces as well many luxurious amenities.
  • Campervans: are much smaller than motor home RVs and as such easier to drive and less expensive to store when camping season is over.
  • Travel Trailers: are one of those trailers that can be easily towed by any vehicle that can handle it's weight capacity and is much less expensive than a motorhomes.
RV Camping vs. Tent Camping


RVs are far more expensive than tents.  Even after the initial investment, RVs still require money for maintenance, gas or diesel for movement, repairs and storage unlike tents which are much more cost-effective.


Tents can be easily built and are much less expensive than RVs, However, you can't get the comfort that an RV can give you with tent camping ….unless, of course, you decide to go Glamping. Traditional tents usually have less space than an RV and don't have many of the modern conveniences of an RV.  With the introduction of Glamping, more modern tent set-ups rival many hotel room) because the include some of the dance amenitiea but have the added benefit of sleeping under the stars.


For adventure, black campers have been known to hike through trails that RVs cannot possibly hope to drive through. RVs are at a disadvantage  because they can't get everywhere that someone on foot can get.


It is pretty impossible for a tent to move itself from state to state except it is repacked and moved by black people camping, however, an RV gives black campers  the opportunity to camp and still move from place to place making it a desirable option.

Connecting with Nature

Many campers have been known to go camping to unplug from modern conveniences and distance themselves from the stress of city life to allow them to connect with nature.  RV camping allows flexibility to travel and set up almost anywhere.

Where to rent an RV in Helen, GA?

There are many RV rental services. To save yourself unnecessary hassle, it is advised to ask the rental company to deliver the rented RV to the campgrounds (i.e. your campsite for the Melanated Campout)

When renting a RV, it would be wise to  clarify the following items:

  • RV Owner's pet policy
  • Mileage fees and rules
  • Renting duration period
  • Delivery location and pick up
  • RV set-ups

Here are some RV rental service providers in Helen, GA:

After you find the best rental deal, you can then ask them to deliver your RV to the Melanated Campout near Helen, GA.

So now that you are convinced you don't need a cabin to camp, check out why you should go camping.

Of course, at Melanated Campout, we are on a campground. So you will have access to both hot showers and clean restroom facilities.

Haven’t heard of Melanated Campout yet? Well, check it out, it’s an African American camping event full of adventure, relaxation, and activities. In fact, it’s the largest Campout East of the Mississippi!

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