5 Myths of camping

5 myths of camping

Myths and legends are pretty common things and are usually created from misinformation and the influence of the media. Since almost everything in the world has a myth or legend, why shouldn't camping? Believe it or not, camping definitely has lots of myths, some are pretty silly like the one about how bananas attract mosquitoes or poison ivy is contagious.

Here are five myths of camping we hope to squash:


Oh, bet you are thinking about those camping experiences in those epic movies you see all the time. The main characters are traveling through the land in search of a magical stone that will cure their village of sick people. Of course, they have to stop along the way when it gets dark and eventually after hunting down dinner and roasting it, they sleep on the bare grass.

Well, I'm glad to inform you that times have changed. People today do not sleep on the ground even if they are exploring the most primitive forms of camping, after all, there are many sleeping options. There are sleeping bags, sleeping pads, hammocks, air mattresses and even normal beds.  You choose your comfort level and select your preferred sleeping option.

At the Melanated Campout, you can even choose the “Glamp Me Down”package which allows you to have access to a comfortable queen bed and even air conditioning.  Essentially, you can have an upscale approach to sleeping under the stars.


This is certainly not the case at big camping events like Melanated Campout.  The weekend is designed to give you the option to participate in a variety of activities.  Here are the differences in activities between camping on your own versus attending the Melanated Campout.

  1. you have the opportunity to meet and network other fun natured people,
  2. enjoy game shows,
  3. participate in or watch a spades tournament,
  4. workout while connecting with nature,
  5. go tubing,
  6. attend  mystery event, and
  7. attend different memorable parties (soca fete, hip hop glow, and old school hip hop/ R&B parties).


Ok….I know there is this notion of every hole in the woods being a toilet for campers, but this does not have to be your truth. Many campgrounds have restrooms, with nice toilets and showers.  The Melanated Campout will have facilities and auxiliary units with nice restrooms and showers.


Some people believe that they have  go hunting, skin the animal and then cook it.   While there is something special about cooking your food on the grill or over a fire pit (i.e. bring your food in coolers and refresh your ice at a nearby store), you can opt for a meal plan at the Melanated Campout. We thought of everything, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy a great meal.


Believe it or not, some people think that camping is uncomfortable, uninteresting and can never compare to city life, but, that is not true.  Camping can be so much fun. You have a chance to reconnect with mother nature while hanging out with Melanated people. Did someone say smores? Did I read something about tubing? What about parties with energized Djs?  Oh, I think we already covered that earlier.

Camping also has so many health benefits:  the fresh air provides extra oxygen that boosts your immune systems and improves your blood pressure. It's also a great time to bond with your friends, family members and romantic partners.

Don’t miss the chance to have a truly unique and unforgettable experience!  See you at the Melanated Campout!

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Why camp?

Give your future self something to look forward to by understanding the benefits of camping...

Air full of smoke, or any of the other organic or artificial things that you can smell in the city can get quite stifling. Apart from that, the cultural  outdoor experience boosts immune systems, improves blood pressures and improves digestion due to the extra oxygen and low level of pollutants in the fresh air.

Many times, you feel a sense of relief and happiness a few days after your camping trip, this is probably because the sunlight has evened out the melatonin levels in your brain, thus reducing your normal day-to-day tiredness and improving your overall mood.

Even if it's just for a number of days, camping allows you to unplug from the daily city life with fewer phone calls and urgent emails to attend to. Although Melanated Campout allows you to have access to electricity and wifi if you happen to need it, camping is your best opportunity to just unplug from your daily scheduled life.  We call it a digital detox!

Camping helps to build and strengthen many relationships, familial, platonic or romantic. It is the best time to talk, walk and do things together even late into the night. As such, it strengthens many relationships.

A camp of black professionals is a great way to meet to network and meet new friends. The Melanated Campout  events in June are a great place to meet and interact with other black people who have similar interests to you.  Do you have a business? Melanated Campout is a huge supporter of minority-owned businesses. Let’s network!

Nothing can best s'mores made over open fire or the meat grilled over a campsite grill. Something about cooking over a campfire or grill that  makes the food much more delicious. (I don't know about you but that has been my experience so far.) For campers who prefer chillin’ instead of grillin’, Melanated Campout offers a delicious and convenient  meal plan option.

Guess what?!  Tents are really easy to set up.  Camping is a great way to learn to pitch a tent, start a campfire, cook over an open pit.  These skills are important to learn just in case there's an apocalypse, don't you think?

If you're looking for an adventure with other black people, big camping events like Melanated Campout is the best place to enjoy such an experience. You get to be part of the numerous activities at the Melanated Campout such as tubing down the Chattahoochee river, partying under the stars with open bars, conversations by the campfire, games and other fun activities.

Imagine a weekend with no long list of things to do, no particular appointment to be early for and no urgent meetings... you get to do whatever you want to do. In short, going camping is equal to you putting less strain on yourself, mentally, emotionally and physically.

It’s time to attend the largest Melanated Campout east of the Mississippi!

Now what to do while camping? Read more here.

Haven’t heard of Melanated Campout yet? Well, check it out, it’s an African American camping event full of adventure, relaxation, and activities. In fact, it’s the largest Campout East of the Mississippi!

Different types of sleeping options while camping

Here are some sleeping options you can enjoy or explore while camping

Your sleeping pad, whether self-inflating, closed-cell or air foam depends on the type of camping you're engaging in.

The air sleeping pad is light-weight and probably the best option for a backpacking camper but it is usually less insulated and as such not a good idea for outdoors during cold climates. Self-inflating sleeping pads are much more comfortable than air-only pads because they were built to provide more insulation and comfort. Unfortunately, they are much more bulkier than their air-only counterparts.

Closed-cell foams pads are the best options for backpacking in colder climates because they are lightweight and easy to carry yet they have the insulative properties that air-only pads lack.

Camping hammocks are made of parachute-style materials which are lightweight yet capable of holding your body above the ground without tearing and they can also be easily set up once you find a pair of closely aligned trees and some nylon cords.

The fact that you can't set up a hammock inside a tent is just one among many disadvantages of sleeping in a hammock while camping even though there are solutions in the form of hammock accessories like the hammock integrated shelter for rainy days solves this disadvantage. However, while sleeping on a hammock, it would be hard for you to move around and getting out would be somewhat difficult because your body forms a deep valley in hammock with your weight bringing you closer to the ground.

Most campers use sleeping bags. They are usually bought based on considerations of the shape, insulation and the temperature of the sleeping bags.

Based on the shape of sleeping bags, there are two major options, mummy bags and rectangular sleeping bags. Mummy bags are usually used during the winter because they are designed to maximize body heat. The mummy shape means that this sleeping bag is much more insulated, light-weight and easily packed which is great for backpackers.

Rectangular sleeping bags are advantageous to fidgety sleepers as they allow room for movement unlike mummy bags which have less space. Unfortunately, rectangular sleeping bags have less insulated properties than mummy bags and are much more bulky and harder to pack.

Air mattresses provides protection for campers from the rough surface, bumps and lumps of the ground. Usually, air mattresses are usually a little larger in size if compared to sleeping pads and they provide a much more comfortable cushioning effect especially when compared to sleeping pads or bags.

In search of adventure black people go camping thinking that they would have to abandon their comfort but this is not true because they can enjoy comfort and sleep in actual bed if they want. At Melanated Campout, we offer the Glamping package which gives you access to actual beds. Therefore, it is actually possible for them to enjoy a good night rest in an actual bed.

You've nailed down how you are going to sleep during camping, now figure out what there is to do while camping.

Haven’t heard of Melanated Campout yet? Well, check it out, it’s an African American camping event full of adventure, relaxation, and activities. In fact, it’s the largest Campout East of the Mississippi!

Camping 101

Here are some common camping terms to remember:

  1. Tent pad: The tent pad is the level ground of sand, cement or gravel upon which you set up your tent.
  2. Shell: This term is used to describe outdoor clothing items and even the outer layer of a sleeping bag. As such, your camping shell material could be water-proof or durable depending on your needs.
  3. Potable water: Potable water refers to water that is safe to consume or drink. You have to be careful not to consume just any water in order to prevent having an unhealthy reaction to the water. Bring your own water purification system or lots of drinking water with you for your camping event.
  4. Mummy bag: This is the best sleeping bag to use to conserve heat. Mummy bags are designed to fit snugly around your body with a hood to keep your head warm and a taper at the foot to protect your toes from the cold. Mummy bags are also easier to pack than regular rectangular sleeping bags.
  5. Air mattress:  Camping pros and novice both have found sleeping on an air mattress a great way to elevate the sleep experience while camping.  This option comes any many sizes. Be sure to protect your investment by placing down tarp or other protective material to prevent puncturing your air mattress.
  6. Guylines: These are cables that can be tied to a tent and its stakes or to nearby rocks or trees in order to make the tent much more stable especially in windy campsites. Some tents come with Guylines built-in while you need to tie Guylines to the rainfly of some tents.
  7. Freestanding: This is a term used to describe tents that do not need Guylines or ground stakes for stability and can stand without additional support.
  8. Kindling: What is a Melanated Campout without camp fire? Kindling is one of the materials used for building a fire in a black people camp. Different pieces of wood in varying sizes are usually used to build a camp fire.  The kindling is the thin sticks or woods used, typically the second smallest material used while building a camp fire.
  9. Pole sleeves: Pitching a tent can be hard work but if you go camping a couple of times, you should get used to it. The pole sleeves are where the tent poles slide. Take note in case someone helping you to pitch your tent tells you to hold the pole sleeves open.
  10. S'mores: Never heard of them? They are my favorite camping dessert. Some of the most memorable moments of outdoor camping occur sitting around a fire toasting our marshmallow with chocolate sandwiched by graham crackers.  There's something so deliciously satisfying about eating this tasty treat while sharing stories and thought provoking conversations with each other deep into the night.

So now that you have mastered the basics, discover why you should go camping.

Don't miss the opportunity to attend the largest Melanated Campout east of the Mississippi!

8 fun activities to help you join in the Black Outdoor Movement

Have you heard of the Black Outdoor Movement? Or have you heard it somewhere before or even on the internet that “black people don't rock climb”, “black people don't backpack”, “black people don't camp”, “black people are just not adventurous”, etc. If you don't actually know any African-American people who do these things,  you probably think these are true statements. WRONG THINKING! There are many BIPOC in the US who love these outdoor adventures even though percentage-wise, we are still the minority. There is a whole black outdoor movement, join in. In the meantime, learn about some of outdoor activities that are available.

Here are a few activities black outdoor movement adventure seekers enjoy...

Black Outdoor movement

Black People Rock Climbing

Yes, you've probably heard of the poor statistics of the 1.5 percent African American climbers in the U.S as discovered by a research group at Clemson University. But... look at Mikhail Martin, co-founder of Brothers of Climbing, who is a strong member of the rock climbing community. Many other BIPOC have proven that rock climbing is not a color-specific sport and are adventurous enough to enjoy it.

Black People Whitewater rafting

For adventure, black people have been known to go whitewater rafting despite the fact that the thrill-seeking recreational activity is usually referred to as a “whites-only” activity, even by black people themselves. Rue Mapp’s online community of black nature lovers called  Outdoor Afro is an example of black people and other people of color who enjoy going on several whitewater rafting trips.

Black People Skydiving

“Black people are not thrill seekers, they can't handle venturing to the dead zone and taking that leap required of skydivers.” You have probably heard this kind of talk before but despite the fact that many people believe these false rumors, black people have been known to go skydiving numerous times. Take a look at Team Blackstar, an entire team full of people of color who enjoy skydiving.

Black People Hot Air Balloon

Just like any other adrenaline-pumping recreational activity, black people also go on hot air balloons and enjoy the ride as it is a great way for people to clear their heads. In fact, checkout, America's first black hot air balloon master pilot.

black people camp in rv

Black People RV camping

Many black people go on adventurous RV camping trips every year. Packing up their things into RVs with modern amenities, african0-american people who love the outdoors and nature go on RV trips with their loved ones.   They seek out new and familiar campgrounds, state parks, or they venture into the woods. Although many black RV enthusiasts have often complained of being the only black person on RV trips, the National African-American RV'ers Association organize group RV excursions.

Black People Backpacking across Europe

Black people have also been known to go on long or short backpacking trips to different countries in Europe with nothing but lightweight gear.  Imagine this,the are excited to take routes like London to Amsterdam, Rome to London, London to Istanbul, etc.

black people do camp

Black Folk Camping

Yes, Black people camp too.

We at Melanated Campout are big examples of black people camp enthusiasts  who love nature, camping, and partying under the stars. We find that big camping events like the Melanated Campout are a great way to introduce novice campers to the camping experience.  Additionally, this amazing campout is a great way for black people to connect with nature and unplug from the stress of our normal lives and join in the black outdoor movement. There's no better place to be than the largest Melanated Campout east of the Mississippi! Join us in June at the campgrounds near Helen GA  to have some fun tubing, partying, meeting other black people.

If you're one of those people who believed that black people do not love the outdoors or are not adventurous, you can lose that notion now.  Better yet, purchase your camping package for the Melanated Campout. This is a must do camping event for your annual list. It is time you begin to explore those things that “people” have said black folk don’t do!

Haven’t heard of Melanated Campout yet? Well, check it out, it’s an African American camping event full of adventure, relaxation, and activities. In fact, it’s the largest Campout East of the Mississippi!

What is there to do during the Melanated Campout Event?

Like what the hell do we do on a camping trip?

I remember my first camping trip, I'd been forced to go with my grandmother. It seemed like a silly thing to do, especially when I'd just planned to stay home watching my favorite series.  I just couldn't understand the fun thing that we could do while camping. After that camping trip, I went on many other camping trips because I had so much fun I wondered why I hadn't considered going camping earlier.

And you're much more lucky than I am if you're going for the Melanated Campout event in June because there are so many fun things to do.

Here are some of the fun things you can get up to at Melanated Campout:

Meet new people

There is going to be a meet and greet on the first day that is the best time to meet fellow campers and find people with whom you would have fun for the rest of the big camping event. So go to the meet and greet, mingle with people, make friends and just have fun.

At the Icebreaker activity, you can also meet more people and familiarize yourself with people you met at the meet and greet while learning the camp rules.

Party! Party! Party!

For those that love partying, there are going to be lots of parties.

For the Hip Hop glow party, you get to wear neon and even glow in the dark face paint. This is a perfect opportunity to show off your dancing skills as well. The Soca Fete on Saturday is a great time to jump around to power soca tunes and shake your body to groovy soca.  There is also going to be an old school hip hop/ R&B outfit party that you can't afford to miss.

The Midnight Spades Tournament

There is nothing that can compare to a nice game of spades. At Melanated campout, you get to enjoy the pleasure of participating in a Midnight Spades Tournament or just watching. In this spades tournament, all you need is a little luck, a competitive adventurous spirit, the ability to read people and the desire to have fun.

Of course, at Melanated Campout, we are on a campground. So you will have access to both hot showers and clean restroom facilities.


Tubing is a great recreational activity where you get to ride an inner tube on water, snow or air. Since the big camping events will be in Helen, GA, you get to ride down the Chattahoochee or the 1000 feet river in Helen. Read our Tubing blog post.

The Comedy Show

One of my favorite things to do is laugh.  So you know we had to add in a comedian. Get ready to laugh or at least giggle.

There are many other things you can do while camping at Melanated Campout, you can decide to go hiking, go lake dipping, participate in the freaky feud and game shows and have as much fun as possible. This camping trip is sure to be an adventure you will never forget.

Haven’t heard of Melanated Campout yet? Well, check it out, it’s an African American camping event full of adventure, relaxation, and activities. In fact, it’s the largest Campout East of the Mississippi!

All about RVs

Typically, most RVs have a bathroom, sleeping facilities and a kitchen, however, there are also luxurious RVs that have A/Cs, heaters, satellite receptors and so on. Although, most people live temporarily in RVs while traveling, some people living in areas where living expenses are quite expensive have been known to maintain a main residence in an RV and live there full-time.

Different types of RVs include:

RV Camping vs. Tent Camping


RVs are far more expensive than tents.  Even after the initial investment, RVs still require money for maintenance, gas or diesel for movement, repairs and storage unlike tents which are much more cost-effective.


Tents can be easily built and are much less expensive than RVs, However, you can't get the comfort that an RV can give you with tent camping ….unless, of course, you decide to go Glamping. Traditional tents usually have less space than an RV and don't have many of the modern conveniences of an RV.  With the introduction of Glamping, more modern tent set-ups rival many hotel room) because the include some of the dance amenitiea but have the added benefit of sleeping under the stars.


For adventure, black campers have been known to hike through trails that RVs cannot possibly hope to drive through. RVs are at a disadvantage  because they can't get everywhere that someone on foot can get.


It is pretty impossible for a tent to move itself from state to state except it is repacked and moved by black people camping, however, an RV gives black campers  the opportunity to camp and still move from place to place making it a desirable option.

Connecting with Nature

Many campers have been known to go camping to unplug from modern conveniences and distance themselves from the stress of city life to allow them to connect with nature.  RV camping allows flexibility to travel and set up almost anywhere.

Where to rent an RV in Helen, GA?

There are many RV rental services. To save yourself unnecessary hassle, it is advised to ask the rental company to deliver the rented RV to the campgrounds (i.e. your campsite for the Melanated Campout)

When renting a RV, it would be wise to  clarify the following items:

Here are some RV rental service providers in Helen, GA:



After you find the best rental deal, you can then ask them to deliver your RV to the Melanated Campout near Helen, GA.

So now that you are convinced you don't need a cabin to camp, check out why you should go camping.

Of course, at Melanated Campout, we are on a campground. So you will have access to both hot showers and clean restroom facilities.

Haven’t heard of Melanated Campout yet? Well, check it out, it’s an African American camping event full of adventure, relaxation, and activities. In fact, it’s the largest Campout East of the Mississippi!

Tubing? What’s that?

Yes, you probably saw it on the Melanated Campout schedule for the camping event in June that there would be tubing on Saturday and you're probably wondering just what the hell tubing is? Despair not, everything will be explained in this post. Tubing is an activity (usually recreational) where people ride an inner tube on water, snow or air. Since we'll be talking about the tubing you'll be doing at this camping event, you can forget about tubing in snow and in the air (kite tubing). Our camp is located in Helen, GA in June, so getting your bathing suits out and let’s hit the river!

Tubing in Helen, GA, is more than just a recreational activity, it is the perfect mix of adventure, activity, and relaxation; which is why tubing is a key part of the Melanated camping event in June. This is an activity adventurous black people can’t afford to miss out on.

How to tube?

Step 1. Get Tube.

Step 2. Float down the river.


Life jackets are available for those who want one.

Where to get the tubes?

On the Melanated Campout trip, the tubes will be furnished by the tubing company.  You are welcome to bring your own tube, but it’s not necessary.

Outside of this trip, you should probably call your tubing company to ask if they are provided before you go to ensure the actual tube is either included in the price or available to rent.

When to tube?

On the Melanated Campout trip, we will go on Saturday, assuming water levels are sufficient.

Outside of this trip, you should probably call your tubing company to ask if the water levels are too low. If they are low, you may not be allowed to tube.

Here’s a few tips on how to make your tubing trip a success.

Buy straps and sticks

After getting a tube, don't forget to buy and take along a stick and strap. The strap is important if you're riding down the river with your crew. This allows you to tie your tubes together. You'll need the stick to navigate over and around the boulders and in shallow water.

You will get wet

Be prepared to get wet so wear a swim suit. Don't forget to wear water shoes and don't try going barefooted because at some point, you may need to get out of the tube and you have no idea what's in the river.

No stopping along the way

Once you've started tubing down the river, you can't stop until you get back to the designated stopping area. Therefore, you should probably use the toilet before getting into your tube.

Guard your property

To avoid losing your property or getting your cell or electronics wet, buy a waterproof pouch. They come in all sizes, everything from cell phone size that hang around your neck to large bags.

Grab your plastic water bottle

Each tuber is allowed to take one 32 oz. plastic bottle on the river. No alcohol.

3 ways Glamping is different than camping

What is glamping?

Glamping is another name for luxury camping and is derived from "Glamorous camping". When people camp Glamping-style they have accommodations that are much more glamorous than the normal accommodations found inside your tent. Think of it as camping in a tent but prettied up.

Glamping is a great opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, immerse yourself in your nature-filled surroundings, unplug from tiring city life, get away from the daily noise of the city to the quiet sounds of nature and birds in the woods. It’s kind of like renting a nice hotel room only this time, you would have unlimited access to nature.

At Melanated Campout, we offer an enjoyable camping experience for everyone, glampers included. Checkout our glamping package.

How Glamping got it’s start

Now you may think glamping is a modern invention, however, glamping began in the early 1900s when rich American and European travelers who didn't want to give up the comforts of their homes started to go on safari in Africa. Soon enough safari camps began to offer upscale options to suit their needs and since then glamping has been growing more and more popular.

The difference between camping and glamping can be summed up in the following ways:

1. Accommodations

Camping- Tent placed directly on the ground with basic lighting and scant decor.

Glamping- If it’s a permanent glamping site, it may be a tent placed on a raised platform.  Even if not, the accommodations within the tent will be beyond the basic. For example, a chandelier vs a basic light.  And the inclusion of a rug, hamper, comforter, pillows, and nice decor.

2. The sleeping options

Camping- Sleeping bags.

Glamping- No sleeping bag zone. Air mattress at the very least.

For more information on sleeping options while camping, check out our previous blog.

3. The restroom & bathing

Camping- People that go camping the traditional way usually have to make use of the forest for easing themselves.

Glamping- When you glamp, you can have a portable toilet and even a pop-up tent so you can go in private. That pop-up tent can also accommodate a shower.

Of course, at Melanated Campout, we are on a campground. So you will have access to both hot showers and clean restroom facilities.

Haven’t heard of Melanated Campout yet? Well, check it out, it’s an African American camping event full of adventure, relaxation, and activities. In fact, it’s the largest Campout East of the Mississippi!